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We are one of the leading International renowned brands in the field of Health and Fitness Industry having 38+ fitness centres across globe. Launched in the year 2000 in India, we are helping in educating people of all age groups in improving and maintaining their health with right technique and Nutrition.

As per WHO, every fifth person is sick or suffering from some disease across the world, because of mal-nutrition and modern lifestyle. As per the survey 2 million people die every year because of physical inactivity. Those people who are aware, are now getting attracted towards Yoga, Gym, Slimming and Health Centres.

But the question is….Are they all getting the right information and method of keeping themselves Fit and fine?

Here our role begins, as we are introducing the following Vocational courses for the people who are keen to learn and earn in the Fitness industry, by delivering professional trainer's technique to clients. These courses are a combination of lectures and practical training.

1. Fitness and Personal Training Certificate Course.

2. Aerobics & Zumba Certification

3. Spin Bike

4. Diet and Nutrition Certification

5. Marketing, Sales and Admin Certificate Course

These are one of the most rewarding careers available which will help you meeting new people and helping them to achieve their fitness and sporting goals. These certification courses offered at NEO Fitness Training Institute shall prepare you for a kick start career in not only in the fitness industry but also in Hospitality and service industries across the world.

You will also learn more about movement and how to receive faster results with our integrated, focused, and precise approach to fitness. When timing and combination are applied, to the elements within Fitness and Nutrition, your body will redesign the way it reacts to exercise and food.

In India the trainers and the clients often compared fitness with Gym and Body Building due to lack of knowledge, which is not true. Actually, Fitness is a combination of Gym, workout, Lifestyle and nutrition. Due to lack of knowledge our trainers are less paid and we hire highly paid trainers from abroad. The Health and wellness industry has grown only 7% and it’s growing rapidly, but lacks the right people with right knowledge. The chances of growth are ample. So be serious about these courses & get highly paid and recognition in the fitness industry.

“Personal training yields many positive results that become the foundation for a healthy, vibrant life."

We proudly would like to tell you that all the above courses are affiliated / Certified from USA.

All Goals can be reached and surpassed with Desire, Dedication and Determination.

Never give up or sell yourself short. The greater your skills are, the more challenges you can face and accomplish.

Area of Opportunities -: Gyms, Fitness Centres, Hotels, Hospitals, etc.

It’s the right time to CHOOSE, to avail the CHANCES of growth of the life time to CHANGE the life of our own and others.

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